About Us

We are pleased to introduce SRN Mechanical Services LLC as one of the prestigious company located in UAE. We are committed to manufacturing excellence. Our vision of manufacturing products with high quality,flexibility and providing superior customer service. Our company is fully equipped with the latest machines for the manufacturing of Precision parts, assemblies and equipment.

SRN is a precision tool room cum production shop encaged in manufacturing of Injection Mould, Die casting, Precision Jigs & Fixtures, Conveyors Automation setup and its accessories

We manufacture and supply heavy engineering products, sheet metal fabrication, machine shop and also we have  Fibre laser cutting machine with high efficiency and accuracy.

We are specialist in all types of gear manufacturing, structural fabrication works and manufacturing of tanks, silos and pressure vessels.We manufacture & fabricate all the products as per the international standards .One more important thing that we are very skilled in the area of Re-Engineering of any machines and Parts.

We can serve spare parts for manufacturing industries like Foods, Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Petrochemicals, Marine and Engineering Industries as well as batch production of Milling & Turning components, Precision Assembles, Steel and Stainless Steel fabrication which meet standards as per the customer requirement.

We trust the information contained above and in the following pages will be sufficient for you to involve us in your machining and structural steelwork requirements.